Beach Cleanup July 5th, 2021

GREAT BAG GIVEAWAY. This is fun! Help reduce the amount of 4th of July debris left on the beach by handing out bags to folks as they enter the beach at each major approach on the night of the 4th. Groups can show their spirit and businesses can show their support and goodwill. Bags and safety vests are provided. Bring your own organization banners if you like. We NEED HELP! Pick the time that works best for you (4-6 and 6–8). We still need help at Seaview, Cranberry, Klipsan, Ocean Park and Surfside beach approaches. If you can help, email Magen at
JULY 5th COMMUNITY BEACH CLEANUP – it’s the typical drill. We need everyone to come out and join the organized one-day cleanup on Monday, July 5th. Volunteers will be stationed at all the major beach approaches at 9:30 to hand out bags and help direct you to where your help is most needed. If you can come and are flexible on the location to clean, please email If you can adopt a section of beach – even better! OUR BEACH NEEDS YOUR HELP! Due to how things are right now, there’s no parade in Ocean Park and we will forego the soup feed but will have mini-snacks at the approaches for volunteers.
FIREWORKS REMINDER: Please select fireworks that do not contain plastics. The worst offenders are missile batteries which shoot off as many as 1000 plastic bits into the environment all at once. The only way to get them out of the sand is to use a sifter, ugh! Please, just don’t buy them.
GOT A 4WD TRUCK? The Truck Brigade supporting the beach cleanups needs more trucks and people in them who can pick up filled garbage bags and other debris and sling it into their rigs for transport to a dumpster at a beach approach. 4WD is mandatory. If you have a trailer, too, that would be a tremendous asset. If you would like to be included in this especially helpful and necessary group, contact Truck Organizer Linda Bierma at 665-4362 or Are you wondering how you might join in? We always need more hands filling bags on the beach. Want to contribute but can’t help out ON the beach? That’s okay, there is lots to do! There are other roles we need to fill and some can be done from home. Person(s) in charge of “FUN”! There are some great ideas on how to add some extra fun to these events for old and young alike. Wouldn’t you like to be the person(s) in charge of FUN?
DONATIONS WELCOME! Rather write a check? That’s great too! Mail it to the “GrassRoots Garbage Gang” at PO Box 1480 Ocean Park WA 98640. We hope someday to be self-sustainable; we are 20% there so we are making progress! We are certainly grateful for the ongoing support of great organizations like Pacific County Marine Resource Committee but we do worry about continuing funding – and the beach always needs cleaning. We are officially a 501c3!
HEAPS OF GRATITUDE! GrassRoots Garbage Gang and our beach cleanups are successes only because of you! THANKS EVERYONE! The GrassRoots Garbage Gang is a 501c3 not-for-profit group that cleans up the Peninsula beaches in SW Washington. Each January April and July hundreds of volunteers clean the Peninsula’s 25-mile beach. Support comes from incredible volunteers, local businesses, City of Long Beach, Marine Resource Committee, Washington State Parks and many others.

Check out this Oregon Field Guide Special Report featuring our own Russ Lewis a leader in data collection and the study of plastic marine debris in the Pacific Northwest.  



We are always looking for groups to adopt a stretch of beach to clean during regular cleanups. If you have questions or your group is ready to join email If you are an individual looking for a group we will gladly connect you with a good fit.

 To help in other ways, please email

 The Grassroots Garbage gang is a 501c3 and has begun to solicit Lifetime members at $100 each and Lifetime sponsors at $1000 each  (we will list the sponsors  – if desired).  We hope to raise another $79,000 – that will allow us to become sustainable in perpetuity budget.
Help us spread the word!   

Mail checks to GrassRoots Garbage Gang at PO Box 1480, Ocean Park WA 98640

 On Washington State’s southernmost coast, we boast 28 miles of sandy Pacific Ocean beach.  Like beaches everywhere, it sees a tremendous amount of humanity’s garbage being tossed or washed ashore.

In 2001, a group of local residents began an all-volunteer effort to tackle the garbage along these beaches.  We’ve completed over 48 cleanups and collected nearly 500 tons! We call ourselves the GrassRoots Garbage Gang because that’s what we are,  a very grassroots group of folks who are distressed by the trash on the beaches. Since that time, the effort has mushroomed, with volunteers coming from all over the state to help out at one or all three of the annual cleanups. 





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