Our Wish List

We dream of the day when our beaches will reflect only Nature’s beauty.

We dream of the day when we will have a self-sustaining endowment that will shelter the beach clean-up process from shrinking government budgets.  Help us build that, click Donate below or mail your tax-deductibl donations to GrassRoots Garbage Gang, PO Box 1480, Ocean Park WA 98640, and THANK YOU for your support!


We dream of…

  1. More volunteers! We need 3 or 4 more small groups of 4 or more people to informally adopt a section of beach to clean each quarter. Friends, families, neighborhoods, service groups and businesses are welcome!
  2.  Disposal available in each of those areas to support the regular beach cleaners.
  3.  An adequate number of trash receptacles at all major peninsula beach approaches in Seaview, Klipsan, Ocean Park, and Oysterville.
  4. Signage at all the major approaches which will share our message with visitors:  We love our beach, be a good citizen, help keep it clean – pack out your trash and any you find.
  5. Brochures and posters available all year long for both visitors and locals, as a reminder of the importance of beach clean-up.